If God is good why is there suffering and so much evil

If God is good why is there suffering (evil)If God really is good, if He loves us, if He is sovereign and is mighty enough to prevent any harm from coming to us, why do we face evil in our life?

This is one of the major questions that is kept flowing up from generation after generation and we could see these question being asked even in Bible.

Even some times great Christian faith holders get stumbled by the contradiction that is been between the existence of a loving God and evil when they face the suffering.

If God is good why is there suffering these questions get arises only when we face a suffering such as death of the loved ones, sudden business collapse, a relationship breakup, road accidents, poverty etc.

Paul said, in 1 Thess 4:13:

why is there suffering

We would not be having any sort of hope of getting a better world without his mighty power and love. Only a God who can bring good out of evil can solve this world’s problems.

Can God Relate to Our Pain?

In John 16:33 he said:

You will have suffering

Going through the path of suffering is inescapable for all. Thinking of all the sufferings happening in this world, you might think that does God really care about us?

The answer is that God not only does cares, but He cares enough to send his only begotten Son as a living sacrifice for our sins to suffer and die for our sins. Because of this suffering sacrifice and love over us we now have a way to be reconciled with God through Jesus Christ.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t be going through sufferings in this world, but God has made a way to spend our eternity with Him.

Romans 8:18 clearly says this:


Yes there is going to be a time where all our cries will be wiped, there will be no death or mourning.

Thinks to Remember in times of Suffering

One thing we can understand if God is good why is there suffering is that, nothing happens in our life without His knowledge and approval. We can’t understand why He let the suffering to flow over us with our finite perspective.

God in His wider knowledge does everything for good and we need that kind of trust with God. Job had such faith in spite of losing out everything in his life. There was nothing left for him or no reason to live in his life after losing out everything.

But he never said a word bad against God and he had the faith that God can restore everything back in my life.


Job had the in-depth faith that could not be taken out and we can see that from his words.

We might need to cross the worst phase of our life, we might lose our loved ones, we might go through never before circumstances which can turn our life upside down. But still hold on with God, pray to him, never lose hope in suffering.

He knows our pain, suffering and the path we are going through. On his perfect timing he will restore everything and comfort us in the times of disasters.

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