Jesus is the Son of God

Jesus Christ Son of God. Jesus is the Son of God.It was a cold afternoon in Palestine when a Jewish Nazarene-a self acclaimed Rabbi (as far as the people were concerned) hung dying on the cross.

The Jewish authorities-the Sanhedrin and the jealous Sadducees and Pharisees plotted the death of this miracle-working, power and authority talking young man, who claimed to be the Son of God.

They had in their jealousy handed Him over to the Roman authorities for death by crucifixion just so they can get rid of Him.

Some hours before His execution (during His arrest), His accusers queried Him:

Jesus is the Son of God 2

This Nazarene did not deny the claim. Rather He answered:

“Yes, it is as you say,” He replied.” (Matthew 26:63-64, NIV)

I wonder if you knew that the basic reason for His crucifixion was because He claimed to be the Son of God, thus making Himself equal with God as far as the Jews were concerned. (See John 5:17-18)

Jesus Christ being the Son of God was the issue. And it is still the issue today.

When Jesus had given witness of His Son-ship to the Jewish people, God arranged for Him to also give the same witness of His Son-ship to the non Jewish people.

This witness came when the Roman Centurion who oversaw His crucifixion and the people with him saw what happened at Jesus’ death:

Jesus is the Son of God 4

This is still the case today. Jesus is the Son of God, crucified but risen from the dead.

Who is a Son?

One cannot claim to be a son to a person unless he carries the genetic permutations of the person. Every father knows this. A child is your actual child if and only if his life-blood came from you.

The spermatozoa of the man carries the life of the child and except that sperm is planted in the womb of a woman and that sperm fertilizes the egg, there can be no child and there can be no claim of fatherhood or son-ship.

Jesus is God’s Son because His life came from God. The Bible says that the word of God is the sperm or life of God (1 Peter 1:23) And we know that Jesus is the result of the Word of God delivered to a virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel.

When Mary accepted that word, her womb became a receptacle for the semen of the word of God. Nine months later, the Son of the Word, a Son who is a product of the life-word of God was born-Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.

How He Became Son of God

The word became flesh and lived among us, the Scripture says (John 1:14).

That was it. That was how Jesus became the Son of God.

He was the word of God at creation, but for purposes of redemption and identification with humanity, He became the Son of God.

Believe it or not Son-ship with God is something that people and many religion of the world do not want to accept. That is something that makes them have issues with Christianity.

But the proof is there. Jesus was proven to be the Son of God with power, through His miracles, signs and wonders and particular His resurrection from the dead. (See Romans 1:1-4)

Jesus is Son of God because He rose from the dead. He is the only living person in History, the only religious leader in the world whose grave is empty. He arose from the dead. That alone is proof that Christ the Messiah is the Son of God.

Today He lives with a glorified human body in heaven. Vision and revelation abound in history and even today of people who saw Him and still see Him today.

You can see Him too. He lives.

And because He is God’s Son, He alone can introduce you to God the Father. No other person does. His is the sole right of introduction in a one on one relationship to the Father.

I guess you know what it’s like to have an introduction to an emperor through his heir apparent!

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