Salvation Definition in the Bible

Salvation Definition - What is the meaning of salvation in the Bible.Salvation can just be summed up in the context of the Bible as deliverance. Deliverance from the punishment we were to receive because of our sin and then the hope of heaven.

It was brought to us through the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. To properly understand what it means, let us look at the background i.e. what made Jesus come from heaven for our salvation..


In the old testament book of Genesis, we saw the account of creation and how God made Adam and Eve to live in the garden of Eden and to increase and multiply and fill the earth (Gen 1:28).

After man’s fall by eating the forbidden fruit, heaven was closed unto them and they lost that communion with God and were chased out of the garden. God in His infinite mercy made a proclamation to save man in the same book of Genesis chapter 3 verse 15.

That was where the hope of salvation started for mankind. God sought to reconcile man back to Himself and because through one man came sin into the world, it will take a man to reconcile man back to God.

From that time, God continued to make plans for the salvation of mankind through the people of Israel. The devil didn’t just relax to allow God’s plan come to pass, he tried everything possible to prevent it as can be seen throughout the old testament from all the sufferings, victories of the Israelites.

Finally Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Still the devil sought to kill him through king Herod when he ordered the killing of new born babies, the temptation of Jesus by the devil after his 40 days fasting, etc.

Salvation Definition – What Jesus really did for us

Maybe you might have read through the Bible often and seem not to understand what Jesus’s death really did for us. We’ll try to explain it here so as to make you understand what salvation really is.

Before the salvation brought to us by Jesus, we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and thus were not worthy of standing before the presence of God.

In St. Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth, (2 cor 5:21) Paul said:

Salvation Definition in the Bible 2

What it means is that Jesus came and made us righteous once more before God. We are thus saved from the consequences of our sins through Jesus’s death on the cross of Calvary.

In the old testament, the Israelites used the blood of animals to in atonement of their sin and continually repeats the act every year (Hebrews 10:3) but through the death of Jesus, a perfect sacrifice by God’s son, was made only once for the salvation of man.

And we are thus saved from the consequences of our sins which is seen in Romans 6:23:

Salvation Definition in the Bible 4

But another question that may arise is “how do we get this salvation?” We will answer this very important question in the next section.

How do we get salvation?

It was clearly stated in Romans 10:9-10:

Salvation Definition in the Bible 6

Believing and proclaiming it does not necessarily mean you will not do anything for your salvation other than that.

The book of James made us to understand that faith without good works is dead in itself (James 2:14-16). And so, we ought to believe in Jesus, in God and then work out our salvation by being good to one another, seeing everybody as an image of the most high God.

By doing so, we’ll be saved at the end of time. But it takes the grace of God for us to achieve this feet and so, we should continually pray for His grace because we will not be saved from our self righteousness.

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