What is the plan of salvation

What is the plan of salvationThe earth and its people are not in their original state and true nature.

Something is not right about humanity, something is out of place; the music is playing but there is no rhythm, there is no true harmony.

This is not what God created and intended; something must have happened.

It sure did in the Garden of Eden with the first man and woman and of course through a third and notable figure called serpent.

This thing that happened necessitated God’s plan of salvation, a remedy and restoration to the original state of being.

The word salvation actually means to savage, rescue or to remedy a situation. And in Christian parlance, it means the deliverance from the power and effects of sin and of Satan.

What is the plan of salvation and why the need for it

In our introduction, we stated that the earth and its people are out of place and position due to an incidence that took place at the dawn of creation with humanity’s first father and mother – Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve disobey God’s order at creation (Genesis 2:16-17) by going against His word of instruction in obedience to the counsel of God’s enemy, the devil.

What is the plan of salvationWell then Adam did eat of the fruit of the tree God said for him and Eve not to eat of when Satan through the serpent suggested that they give it a trial and eat of it; for nothing really bad would happen to them as God has said, serpent suggested.

They undermined God and His instructions and went for the opposite.

The moment they did, something happened: they discovered suddenly that they were naked. Something left them, the glory cover and the very life nature of God left them.

They were naked and exposed. They died spiritually: that means they were separated and alienated from the very life of God. (See Genesis 3:7) That was what necessitated the plan of Salvation.

Restored Back to Life

What is the plan of salvation? Now, the ultimate of the plan of salvation is to restore man back to the place and state he fell from first by restoring to him the very life of God he lost in the fall.

plan of salvation

And this was only going to be made possible by substitution: God giving the life of another (in this case His only begotten sinless Son Jesus) in the place of humans, to die their death and to pay for their sin and its consequences through dying. (See Ezekiel 18:4 and Hebrew 2:14-15)

This was the only way God can acquit humans for violating his word in Adam and was also the only way to settle with God’s enemy the devil who through the obedience of Adam and Eve to his suggestions had a legal hold and claim on their lives as his subjects. (See Romans 6:16)Plan of salvation

In summary, God had through the vicarious death of Jesus on the cross appeased Himself and settled man’s score with Satan and on that ground and ground alone offers salvation to anyone who believes in the sacrifice of Christ and come to God through this Jesus on the ground of that sacrifice alone.

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