What is the meaning of eternal life? When does eternal life begin?

Gift of God is eternal life - when does eternal life begin.Romans 6:23 talks clearly about what we will gifted for our sins in this world if we haven’t taken Jesus as our personal savior.

We were all well deserved for death but Jesus took all the penalties, sins, over Him and gave a beautiful gift of eternal life, making us to spend rest of the infinite time with Him.

What a Great gift it is!

Infinite Love for unworthy

For handing over this gift He had to lower Himself in all aspects of His lifetime in the earth. Son of God came down to earth to set us free and we cannot hang on with our sin to reach the heavens to have our eternal life.

What is eternal life? Eternal life is something which cannot be earned of our self by any means. It was made available only by Jesus by offering Him as an eternal sacrifice to earn life for us in heaven for our sins.

Gift of God is eternal life

Great Sacrifice and Great Gift for unworthy

It wasn’t been an easy task for the Father to give up His Son for our sin. Rom 5:8 shows off how much God is loving us in spite of knowing that we were sinners, Father was ready to offer His Son.

Jesus rearranged the words of “Evil” to “Live” so that we can have our eternal life with Him. The greatest gift that anyone can receive.

All that the loving God expects is to trust Him and believe Him as the true God and live a sinless life to reap the eternal life which He is offering for all. John 3:16-18 tells the clear picture of God’s Love and shows us the gift He is going to give for His people who believes Him.

What is the meaning of eternal life? When does eternal life begin? 2

It says “whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

It is mentioned “Whoever” no matter whom it may be in this word, If he or she is going to accept Jesus as personal savior and going to lead a pure life he is going to receive the gift “Gift of God is eternal life”.

When does eternal life begin

Many throws out the question when does the eternal life begins. However many have this perspective that eternal life gets started after we die.

But the important that need to be remembered is it’s a here-and-now thing. “Eternal life” also refers to the quality of the life that we live here based on that the eternal life is given as a free gift.

What is the meaning of eternal life? When does eternal life begin? 4

Jesus is giving the free gift through Him, accept Him, live holy, trust Him we will be taking us along with Him in the Rapture.

Accept Christ today to get the best gift of your life. Amen.

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