Why is my God good?

Why is God good all the time? Bible verses.We live in a world full of pain, suffering, and brokenness.

All of these tragedies that we see on a daily basis point to the age-old question: is God good? What loving God would allow His people to experience such misery?

When we face tribulation, we doubt that God is actually for us, not against us.

But this doubt is all too strategically planted by the enemy, as an attack on our faith.

The pure and indisputable truth is that God is good, even if we are too blind to see it.why is god good

Why is God Good?

We can often find it hard to wrap our minds around someone who is perfect, holy, and incapable of doing wrong. This is only to be expected; our minds are finite. Our God is far beyond human understanding.

To put it simply, God is good because that is His nature. And even our limited logic points to that fact. After all, what kind of artist would want to destroy His own masterpiece?

God did not have to create us; the angels and the universe declared His glory long before we arrived on the scene. But He chose to create us so that we could know the joy of relationship with Him.

And many years after creation, He chose to send His son to die on the cross so that we could be saved. This was the ultimate act of goodness and love, which no human could ever replicate.

And we can see countless displays of that perfect love in our world, and in our own lives.

God’s Goodness in Our Lives

The question “is God good?” is often followed by similar thought: “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” There are several components to that answer, but let’s focus on the main points.

  • First of all, we need to understand that God did not create sin. Sin is not the creation of evil, but the absence of good.

Genesis teaches that man brought sin into the world by disobeying the perfect will of God. Adam’s own pride and doubt in the goodness of God caused evil to arise. Since then, every human has been born with a bent toward evil.

But if God is so good, why doesn’t He just stop the existence of sin?

The answer is this: choice. Love is not love unless it is chosen.

He wants His people to worship Him not out of monotonous obligation, but because they truly love Him.

Sometimes trials can test that love, but God knows that those trials only serve to strengthen our faith if we trust in Him. It is by struggle that we learn to depend on His grace.

Romans 8:28 says,

is god good all the time

Until Jesus comes back again, sin must exist in the world. But until then, God will continue to use the presence of evil as a vessel for His plan.

He can use anything for His glory and our joy – and that is what makes Him good.

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